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    Vesem oy Chirurgica Gyurkó: Experimental Straightening of Tendons by Adhesive Fixation end of the tendon fascicles; its connection with the adjacent tissues was laterally prevented by the vessel surrounding it Fig.

    No trace of adhesive was found.

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    The elastic fibres of the vessel wall at the junction of the reunited stumps stained readily and the stumps of the tendon passed gradually into one another. The intima of the everted vessel had disappeared, but there was no adhesion so that the tendon vesem oy mobile Fig. Examination of the tendons in other animals proximally to the junc Oy. Bornemisza and Oy. Oyurkó : Experimental Straightening of Tendons Fig.

    Disjunction of the reunited tendon occurred in one case vesem oy to a technical mistake in the initial phase of the experiments.

    vesem oy

    The use of an everted homoplastic vessel has the advantage that union of the stumps is not effected only by a sticking together of the given small surfaces; the process is facilitated by the arterial sheath. Some of the tension is thus transferred to the sheath which is fixed to the severed stumps in a Acta Chirurgien Academiae Vesem oy Uungaricae 11,

    vesem oy