The organizers offer a plenty of lodging opportunities. Some of them are listed below. To book your accommodation, please contact directly with the hotels or hostels. Some of the hotels provide a special reduced price for the participants of DEocaching Event.



Name of hotel
Phone number
Email address
Reduced rate
Centrum Panzió *** +36-52-416-193 10%
Hotel Óbester **** +36-52-696-161 20%
Debrecen Sportcentrum *** +36-52-514-444 25%
Platán Hotel **** +36-52-537-700 15%
Hunguest Hotel Nagyerdő *** +36-52-410-588 10%
Hunép Campus Hotel *** +36-52-529-100 20%

There is possibility to spend nights in dormitory "Gulyás Pál". It can be considered like a low-cost hostel (rooms for 4 people, common toilets/showers). The price is 2200 HUF/head/night (all taxes are included). Please contact:

For further information, please visit these websites, where you can find another series of hotels and pensions in different categories: